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Mass times and Confession:

On all Sundays of the month, a Latin Mass will be offered at 5.30pm. Tea & biscuits are available afterwards in the upstairs room, and a chance to meet others / view the books for sale.

NEW  An extract from the new Newsletter Ite Missa Est authored by Fr. Robert Brucciani (District Superior – GB and Scandinavia) for November-December 2015.    


In The Balance

Having reviewed the operations of the Society in the District, I think it is important that the faithful know something of our income and running costs.

In 2014 the income from collections and donations amounted to £620 per faithful, per annum.

Running costs amounted to £1120 per faithful per annum.

The difference was made up by reserves and legacies. Clearly, this mismatch of income and expenditure cannot continue for very long and requires that we implement austerity measures to increase income and reduce costs.

Increasing Income

The best way of increasing income is to increase the number of faithful who attend our Mass Centres! Financial gain should not be our first motive, however. We need to convince others of the necessity of the Society of St. Pius X for the preservation of Catholic tradition and hence the future of the Church itself. Recent events in Rome make even clearer the need for a stable, well founded priestly society professing the integral Catholic Faith who can speak out without fear of the machinations of those who profess a new theology—a theology which puts God at the service of man. Loyalty among existing faithful and recruitment of new faithful is therefore vital for our future.

One easy way of increasing support is to encourage others to subscribe to our email announcements. Just send email addresses to .

Another way of increasing income is to maximise the number of donations which take advantage of the Gift Aid Scheme. Gift Aid is a way for charities to increase the value of monetary gifts from UK taxpayers by claiming back the basic rate tax paid by the donor on the donation. It can increase the value of donations by a quarter at no extra cost to the donor. You can either put cash donations in the yellow envelopes available at all of the chapels, or sign a declaration of donations made over a period of time. The form can be found here:

Decreasing Expenditure

We are actively implementing cost cuttting measures such as renegotiating or cancelling unfavourable service contracts, reducing paid staff and increasing the efficiency of the way we do things (eg. meetings/catechism by Skype instead of face-to-face). One quick way of increasing efficiency and reducing costs is to allow us to communicate by email wherever possible.

What is the Society's position regarding Indult or Moto Proprio Masses?

The Society's position regarding such Masses is stated here.

Confessions will start half an hour before Mass.   Weekday Masses are shown in bold type with times To Be Announced unless shown.

Masses for Holy Days of Obligation:

  • Circumcision Jan.1st
  • Epiphany Jan. 6th
  • Ascension
  • Corpus Christi
  • SS Peter & Paul Jun 29th
  • Assumption August 15th
  • All Saints Nov.1st
  • Christmas Day Dec. 25th.
Summary of Mass times:
Wed. Jan. 6th 11.00am Feast of the Epiphany (Holy Day of Obligation)
Sun. Jan. 10th 5.30pm Feast of the Holy Family (First Sunday after Epiphany)
Sun. Jan. 17th 5.30pm Second Sunday after Epiphany
Sun. Jan. 24th 5.30pm Septuagesima Sunday
Sun. Jan. 31st 5.30pm Sexagesima Sunday
Sun. Feb. 7th 5.30pm Quinquagesima Sunday
Wed. Feb. 10th   Ash Wednesday
Sun. Feb. 14th 5.30pm First Sunday in Lent
Wed. Feb. 17th   Ember Wednesday
Fri. Feb. 19th   Ember Friday
Sat. Feb. 20th   Ember Saturday
Sun. Feb. 21st 5.30pm Second Sunday in Lent
Sun. Feb. 28th 5.30pm Third Sunday in Lent
Sun. Mar. 6th 5.30pm Fourth Sunday in Lent
Sun. Mar. 13th 5.30pm Passion Sunday
Sun. Mar. 20th 5.30pm Palm Sunday
Fri. Mar. 25th   Good Friday
Sun. Mar. 27th 5.30pm Easter Sunday
Sun. Apr. 3rd 5.30pm Dominica in Albis (Low Sunday)
Sun. Apr. 10th 5.30pm Second Sunday after Easter (Good Shepherd Sunday)
Sun. Apr. 17th 5.30pm Third Sunday after Easter
Sun. Apr. 24th 5.30pm Fourth Sunday after Easter
Sun. May 1st 5.30pm St. Joseph the Worker (Fifth Sunday after Easter)
Thu. May 5th T.B.A. Feast of Ascension of Our Lord (Holy Day of Obligation)
Sun. May 8th 5.30pm Sunday after Ascension
Sun. May 15th 5.30pm Pentecost Sunday
Sun. May 22nd 5.30pm Trinity Sunday
Thu. May 26th T.B.A. Feast of Corpus Christi (Holy Day of Obligation)
Sun. May 29th 5.30pm Second Sunday after Pentecost
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