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Mass times and Confession:

On all Sundays of the month, a Latin Mass will be offered at 5.30pm. Tea & biscuits are available afterwards in the upstairs room, and a chance to meet others / view the books for sale.

Confessions will start half an hour before Mass.

What is the Society's position regarding Indult or Moto Proprio Masses?

The Society's position is stated here.

Masses for Holy Days of Obligation:

  • Circumcision Jan.1st
  • Epiphany Jan. 6th
  • Ascension
  • Corpus Christi
  • SS Peter & Paul Jun 29th
  • Assumption August 15th
  • All Saints Nov.1st
  • Christmas Day Dec. 25th.
Summary of Mass times:
Sun. Mar. 9th 5.30pm First Sunday in Lent
Sun. Mar. 16th 5.30pm Second Sunday in Lent
Wed. Mar. 19th 7.00pm Feast of St. Joseph
Sun. Mar. 23rd 5.30pm Third Sunday in Lent
Tue. Mar. 25th 7.00pm Feast of the Annunciation
Sun. Mar. 30th 5.30pm Fourth Sunday in Lent
Sun. Apr. 6th 5.30pm Passion Sunday
Sun. Apr. 13th 5.30pm Palm Sunday
Thu. Apr. 17th 11.00am Maundy Thursday  - Mass and Adoration
Fri. Apr. 18th 7.00pm Good Friday - Solemn Liturgy
Sun. Apr. 20th 5.30pm Easter Sunday
Sun. Apr. 27th 5.30pm Low Sunday
Sun. May 4th 5.30pm Second Sunday after Easter
Sun. May 11th 5.30pm Third Sunday after Easter
Sun. May 18th 5.30pm Fourth Sunday after Easter
Sun. May 25th 5.30pm Fifth Sunday after Easter
Thu. May 29th t.b.a. The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord (Holyday)
Sun. Jun. 1st 5.30pm Sunday after the Ascension
Sun. Jun. 8th 5.30pm Pentecost Sunday
Sun. Jun. 15th 5.30pm Trinity Sunday
Thu. Jun. 19th t.b.a. Feast of Corpus Christi (Holyday)
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